This camera installed on Federal Plaza in the Civic Center district of lower Manhattan – home of the NYC field offices of the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Social Security Administration, and falling under the jurisdiction of the United States Federal Protective Service rather than the NYPD – is prominently marked with the logo of the Department of Homeland Security. Also visible is a mark reading “CrimeEye,” a product name of Total Recall Corporation, which is a “video-centric security technology provider specializing in surveillance solutions” from Suffern, NY.

In a recent similar installation in New York, Total Recall Corp assembled a team of subcontractors including Axis Communications of Sweden and Scallop Imaging of Massachusetts providing cameras; Israeli company Briefcam and the Danish-based Milestone Systems contributing software; the Canadian company Dragonwave and Californian Proxim Wireless supplying networking components; Texas-based Pivot3 providing storage and processing capability; and California’s RGB Spectrum and Minneapolis’ Winsted Corporation combining to create a command center from which to track activity captured by the security system. While the specifics of this project may be different, the range of companies involved is likely to be similar.

TypeSecurity System
Owner/AdministratorFederal Protective Service,
United States Department of Homeland Security
Primary ManufacturerTotal Recall Corporation
Manufacturer (networking component)Proxim Wireless