ARGUS Camera System



This assemblage of devices and cameras is prominently marked as being a security camera from the New York Police Department (NYPD). It includes two cameras from Pelco, and mounted higher on the pole, a “Tsunami QuickBridge” from Proxim, a proprietary point-to-point wireless system. There’s no way to tell what other sensors are included in the large metal box in the center of the image. The clear marking by the NYPD suggest it is part of the “Lower Manhattan Security Initiative”, a post- 9/11 counterterrorism program to increase surveillance, with a combined budget of well over $100m from the City, NYPD, and the Department of Homeland Security. Feeds from the approximately 3000 cameras, together with other inputs including 911 calls, radiation sensors at bridges and tunnels, and mapped crime patterns, are monitored from a central command center in New York’s Financial District, and forms part of the “Domain Awareness System”, which was co-developed with Microsoft. The same camera systems can be found in all New York City boroughs, although a list of all locations has not been disclosed.

NameArgus Camera
Owner/AdministratorNew York Police Department
Primary ManufacturerUnknown
Camera enclosure manufacturerPelco (owned by Schneider Electric)
Networking component manufacturerProxim Wireless Corporation