Remote Traffic Microwave Radar




This remote traffic microwave radar sensor attached to a roadside traffic light pole at a major intersection is alternately described on labels on the unit as an RTMS K4 or an RTMS G4, manufactured by Image Sensing Systems of St. Paul, Minnesota. Part of the “Midtown in Motion” program and administered by the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT), and the New York City of Information Technology & Telecommunications (NYCDOITT), this device registers the presence of passing vehicles and bicycles in each lane, allowing the city’s department of transportation to adjust traffic signals in response to accidents, major events, and unexpected volumes of traffic.

As described in its manual:

The RTMS (Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor) measures the distance to objects in the path of its microwave beam. This ranging capability allows it to detect moving and stationary vehibles in multiple detection zones. A single RTMS can monitor traffic in up to 12 lanes The RTMS ca be mounted on road-side poles and aimed perpendicular to the road; this is referred to as the “side fired” configuration. The internal processor calculates volume, occupancy, average speed, and vehivle classifications for each lane and transmits the information using its communication interfaces.

Model NameRTMS G4 / K4
Owner/AdministratorNew York City Department of Transportation
Owner/AdministratorNew York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications
Primary ManufacturerImage Sensing Systems
Likely softwareRTMS SPIDER (Simple Presence In-Lane Detection Event Reporting) system and/or WinRTMS
Part ofMidtown in Motion