E-ZPass Reader


This device on a lamppost at an intersection is an “Encompass 4” RFID reader manufactured by TransCore of Pennsylvania. It is used to sense E-ZPass transponders in passing vehicles as part of the City and State Departments of Transportation and the NYCDOITT “Midtown in Motion” program. Although E-ZPass is primarily used for toll-collection across the Northeast, these sensors track traffic flow in midtown Manhattan, allowing traffic signals to respond to changing conditions.

The same model can be found at tollbooths, as well as at entrances to some private parking garages.

Model NameEncompass 4
Primary ManufacturerTransCore
Owner/AdministratorNew York City Department of Transportation
Owner/AdministratorNew York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications
Owner/AdministratorFederal Highway Administration
Part ofMidtown in Motion
Data viewed atNYC-DOT’s Traffic Management Center in Long Island